About Abigail House Redecorating

Abigail House Redecorating is dedicated to teaching clients to participate in changing their environments into more tranquil spaces in which to live and work.

We are part of a new breed of decorators called Interior Redecorators®, who are service oriented, not product oriented. We delight in showing our clients how to rearrange, reorganize, and declutter their own belongings to bring a fresh look to any room. We are sensitive to the design style and preferences of our clients and can usually help them transform a room in a single day. We leave them with a complete design plan for further work as their budgets allow, and excited about the changes we have implemented together.

The name Abigail House is inspired by the story in the Bible (found in First Samuel 25) about an insightful, courageous woman who saved her entire family from certain death. Her quick thinking and efficient actions not only avoided retribution for the insults of her boorish husband, but also prevented the king from committing murder. Nabal literally dropped dead when he realized that he had affronted royalty, but Abigail found favor with the king who later married this beautiful widow in gratitude for her service. Given the evidence in the story, her home would have been orderly, well run, and beautifully decorated! 

Meet Gail Selby Aagaard

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Gail Selby Aagaard is passionate about interior design. She completed a bachelor's degree in the field in 1969 and has taken classes and courses in many areas of design and decorating. After years of experience decorating, building, and arranging living spaces for herself, family and friends, she trained with Lauri Ward™ the best-selling author of “Use What You Have Decorating” and co founder of the Interior Redecorators Network ® (the preeminent organization of one day redecorators), and became a Certified Interior Redecorator ® in 2007. Gail also holds a Master of Science Nursing [MSN] degree with decades of experience in both the clinical and classroom settings.

Thirty-one years ago, she designed, contracted, and, with her husband, hand-built a home from the ground up. She learned many skills in that process, which include drafting house plans, digging foundation footings, framing, installing heating, electrical and plumbing systems, tiling baths and kitchens, laying wood floors and decks, and various painting techniques. Besides her love of completing hands-on design and building projects, she has a great eye for color, order, and harmony to bring to the redecoration process. Gail grew up in Chico, California, and her Selby family has been part of this great community for over 60 years. She is delighted to return to her hometown to offer the skills and services of Abigail House Redecorating.

Gail is married to her high-school sweetheart, is the mother of two grown children, and has three grandchildren. She enjoys contra-dancing, shape note singing, acting on stage, gardening, and traveling the world with her husband.