These services are available from members of the Interior Redecorators Network® who are listed in the Interior Redecorators Directory only on and Any other Website, directory, group or individual not listed in this directory is neither affiliated with nor authorized by the Interior Redecorators Network® to offer these services.

One Day Room Makeover

An alternative to expensive conventional interior designers, members of the Interior Redecorators Network® use the furniture and accessories that are already in your home to create a completely new look in hours. The charge is one low flat (per room) rate –and Redecorators spend as much time as necessary to make your space look great! In addition, you receive a written design plan for each room, with a detailed outline of the answers to your decorating questions about the room, so that you can make further changes and purchases later, as your budget allows.

Color Consult

Whether you are re-painting or selecting paint colors for a new house or apartment, our Color Consult will help you coordinate the best paint and painting techniques to enhance your existing color scheme or create a stylish new dwelling.

Art & Accessory Makeover

Looking for an instant mini-lift instead of a total makeover for one or more rooms in your home? By using your existing artwork and accessories, an Interior Redecorator will give your space a quick update, and provide all of the finishing touches your home needs to look its best every day.


Two-Home Transition Makeover

A service designed for anyone making a two-home move--empty-nesters downsizing from a large house to a townhouse or condo, or a growing family buying or building a new house. Expert help includes:

  • Walk-through of new the house;
  • Inventory of Furniture, Art, & Accessories in old house;
  • In-depth consultation and written design plan for new house;
  • Final tweak of Furniture, Art, & Accessories after moving day.

Senior Transition Makeover

This service is designed specifically for seniors on a fixed income when downsizing from a larger home into a residential facility (under 1500sq ft). Hands-on assistance includes:

  • Furniture, Art, & Accessories inventory of old house;
  • Written design plan for placement of Furniture, Art, & Accessories in new apartment;
  • Assist with placement of Furniture, Art, & Accessories on moving day.


A service for the seller who wants to inexpensively transform their home in a few hours to be able to sell it more quickly and for top dollar. A Resale-Ready Redecoration will accomplish:

  • Quick correction of decorating mistakes in home;
  • Dramatic transformation of one main room;
  • Detailed suggestions for homeowner to further enhance the home;
  • Instructions for how, what, and where to quickly tidy rooms before showings.