"I slept better last night than I have for weeks!" - Liz Wilkerson

Testimonial One

"Your vision for my Master Bedroom suite was so refreshing! I truly felt like I was sleeping at a resort overnight. The room re-arrangement is more appealing, efficient, and restful. It is just what I’ve needed for years. I can’t wait to surprise my husband tonight when he gets home!" - Liz Wilkerson

Testimonial Two

"Gail, I sent you a postcard but it didn’t describe well enough my feelings and thoughts about your service to my husband and me! I just know when he gets home tonight he is going to appreciate his “new” dressing room. Actually, it looks more like a peaceful retreat. And, I slept better last night than I have for weeks! You were right about removing some furniture from the room, and moving the bed to the other wall. The picture placements were perfect, and now my Master Bedroom just “sings”! - Liz Wilkerson