"I slept better last night than I have for weeks!" - Liz Wilkerson

Testimonial One

"Your vision for my Master Bedroom suite was so refreshing! I truly felt like I was sleeping at a resort overnight. The room re-arrangement is more appealing, efficient, and restful. It is just what I’ve needed for years. I can’t wait to surprise my husband tonight when he gets home!" - Liz Wilkerson

Testimonial Two

"Gail, I sent you a postcard but it didn’t describe well enough my feelings and thoughts about your service to my husband and me! I just know when he gets home tonight he is going to appreciate his “new” dressing room. Actually, it looks more like a peaceful retreat. And, I slept better last night than I have for weeks! You were right about removing some furniture from the room, and moving the bed to the other wall. The picture placements were perfect, and now my Master Bedroom just “sings”! - Liz Wilkerson

"Serenity and peace" - Ginger Haymaker

"...(Gail's) philosophy is more of a "refiner" of rooms and homes and (she) believes that God has a unique purpose for her to help people declutter their lives and create spaces of serenity and peace within their homes utilizing the furniture and fixtures and memories they already have."  - Ginger Haymaker

"I am THRILLED with the changes and suggestions." - Linda Rudder

"An incredible experience! I was a little leery at first of having someone tell me how to rearrange and decorate MY house, since it was my husband's idea. But I am THRILLED with the changes and suggestions. One hundred percent happy with ALL suggestions, and I'm sure my husband will agree wholeheartedly. I particularly love the idea of saving the environment by recycling our old pieces. Thank you so much, Gail."  - Linda Rudder 

"What a money saver!" - Anna Rushton

"Gail, with Abigail House Redecorating, did a fabulous job redecorating my guest room...we were able to create a 'brand new room' by using what I already owned...old artwork that had been sitting in our garage ended up helping to inspire a theme for the room...I do not feel like I have to run out and buy brand new items...what a money saver!" - Anna Rushton

"Her vision can change your spaces" - Jack and Kathy Collins

"The room Gail “refined” was extremely cluttered from transitions of several of our family members’ moves. Whenever I looked at this task, I became overwhelmed and always found something else needed my attention more. Gail, however, saw through the disorganization and with two hours totally transformed this space using just my own furnishings. Her ideas for furniture placement were different than what I had considered, but I saw the end result and I was very pleased. Gail then asked if I had some special items that had meaning to me that I wanted to include in this room. She was able to incorporate some antique pictures, a brass horse and our great-grandfathers’ railroad lantern. All of these pieces came together as decorative accents in this room. It warms our hearts to see then of a daily basis. I encourage you to welcome Gail into your home and experience how her visions can change your spaces."  - Jack and Kathy Collins